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But does it matter if they lose your sacred vote?

Date January 25, 2008

The House Elections Committee held hearings on a Texas voter ID and voter fraud. Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Texas/Southwest But two Republicans on the committee, Rep. Leo Berman of Tyler and Dwayne Bohac of Houston, suggested any case of voter impersonation or non-citizen voting is too many. “If five or […]

Oh my, Berman had quite a little tantrum it seems

Date May 8, 2007

MySA.com: Metro | State In a rare, blistering personal privilege speech, Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, complained bitterly that Swinford refused to consider any of bills addressing illegal immigration.”That’s not what my constituents want to hear,” Berman said. He criticized “illegal aliens” for costing Texas taxpayers $3.5 billion a year and creating chaos for public hospital […]

Could it be a Blue Texas in 2008?

Date November 21, 2006

MySA.com: Latino backlash against GOP immigration policy a gift to Demos Republican efforts to placate anti-immigration voters by calling for enforcement-only laws, including a 700-mile border fence, appear to have backfired. They also offer newly empowered Democrats with a gift-wrapped opportunity to press their advantage. An exit poll of 1,215 Latino voters in eight states, […]

Leo Berman again!

Date November 19, 2006

Here is a question. Did he just realize that public education and health care were required by the Federal Government? I don’t believe that in any way shape or form since Plyler v. Doe was a case from Tyler, Texas in 1982. I understand Mr Berman wasn’t elected as Tyler’s representative until 1998 but I […]

What is wrong with this man?

Date November 18, 2006

Leo Berman really came out of the gate with guns blaring at Latinos this legislation session. Beside HB 28 which wouldn’t allow citizens of the United States to go to public schools, get health care etc. etc he also introduced HB 29 . 80(R) HB 29 – Introduced version – Bill Text: A money transmission […]

More on Berman

Date November 16, 2006

Tyler Morning Telegraph – QUICK IMMIGRATION REFORMS MORE LIKELY FROM LEGISLATURE: A much tougher – and much more controversial – bill that Berman plans to file would prohibit the state from recognizing “anchor babies” as U.S. citizens. These are children born in the United States to illegal immigrants. “The purpose of my bill would be […]

Tidbits for today

Date November 15, 2006

In no particular order of importance. Just a bit of an update:Star-Telegram.com | 11/13/2006 | Bill filings pouring in for Legislature: — The U.S.-born children of people who enter the United States illegally would not be able to attend Texas public schools or receive any government-backed social services under legislation introduced Monday and in line […]

What Constitution?

Date November 14, 2006

Early bills give glimpse of legislative agendas Illegal immigration, sexual predators, abortion on the docket The Texas of the future will be tougher on illegal immigrants, sexual predators and women seeking abortions if the Legislature approves a slew of legislation filed Monday, the first day for lawmakers to formally propose new laws before the upcoming […]