Remind Me…

Date February 17, 2010

So what’s so special about San Antonio? I ask this because lately I’ve been having a hard time coming up with reasons to stay here other than family and job–which do count for a lot.

Here’s my problem: I’ve lived in multiple cities in the state of Texas and in each I can remember something that people liked to say about their city. In one place it was the libraries and the support for the local theatrical productions. In another it was the free days to museums, zoos, and public events sponsored by the city. One city boasted about the number of playing fields available for youth sports. Yet another proudly supported a public health initiative. These were things that your neighbors would tell you–not the city visitor’s department. So what is it for San Antonio?

3 Responses to “Remind Me…”

  1. Pam Grennes said:

    I can name several reasons why San Antonio is a great place to live:

    The River Walk, the Creekway parks and bicycle trails, Haven for Hope, Wonderland Park, Museo Alameda, Museum of Art, Pearl Brewery Complex and Farmers Market, King William Area, La Villita, The Missions, the future Mission Reach of the River Walk, proximity to the Hill Country, sunsets, the Mission Verde Initiative ….

  2. Pam Grennes said:

    right blog address

  3. Guardian said:

    love it or leave it, dude